Saturday, January 9, 2010

So far So good...

Nine days into the New Year and gotta say the water feels fine! 

I have a tendency toward "holding my breath" though, waiting for the "other shoe to drop" (even though the first shoe has yet to take the plunge).  I've whittled away hours waiting for the bottom to fall out of things, probably due to the fact that I've lost a few "bottoms" along the way...

So I've decided in Twenty Ten to Breathe. 

To deeply inhale the beauty that bathes my life,

To exhale in expectation of God's ongoing grace and mercy.

So far so good...

someone out there is CPR certified though, right?

; )


  1. Morning! That is so true. I realize some days that I am forgeting to really breathe. I catch myself at work and try to take a deep deep and slow inhale/exhale. Does wonders.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  2. you might dig this, Tara....(the first link is part I, the second link is part II...)

    inhale, exhale....

    : )

  3. I also tend to "forget" to breathe! This post was very encouraging and lifted my spirits

  4. Hi CB : )

    There should be some sort of cosmic Lamaze class for this, huh?

    "H" : )

  5. Oh wow, this is so 'me'. Worrier, filled with anxiety... dreading the future, not wanting to slip on the ice, anticipating a catastrophe, and in the mean time--missing the blessing of the present. I've got to stop that, and just BREATHE... and like you said, to know that God will give me the grace to face the future and the mercy when I fall short. I was just reading in a devotional yesterday, that God won't give you 'dying grace' until you get to that point. Until then, He gives us 'living grace'. Thanks for a reminder. Maybe I need to write it on my forehead??? Or at least stop and "Be still and know that I am God..." I do find rest in that. Whew! Thank God, that God is still in charge, still on the throne, still in control, not caught 'off guard'. There, I feel better already. ;)

  6. Oh Joy, I hear have a way of making people know they're not alone on the planet!! : )

    I need to remember, however precarious the future feels these days, that I am not hanging over some abyss, but instead, "underneath are the Everlasting Arms."

    Ha, now I feel better too! : )

    Thanks, Joy : )

  7. I read your comment on my blog---my blog is still the same name-- I was playing around with text and text placement, I hope I changed it back-- please let me know if your link does not say 'Good Morning Mary Sunshine'. I don't want it any different!!!