Thursday, January 7, 2010


Can the past be recaptured
The ancestral Heart long passed reclaimed?
Can the ocean be sailed 
to long ago?

Does the earth which held me
Still hold my place,
Dust though I was
Before long long ago?

Does my soul hold a piece
Of patriarchs gone before,
Of warrior spirits now sleeping?
A fire fed by
Ancient Tenacity
Eternal, Tireless

On I sail
toward sunrise,
True Beginning Journey's end
Blessed Benediction
I too
will rise again.

-E.A.A. "Hindsfeet"


  1. Wow...great food for thought, H. And very timely for me personally. Thanks for that.


  2. I love the dry bones story. It always speaks to me.

    You are so talented in writing about inspirations. Have you considered a book? You seem to bring a more poetic, intellectual approach to sharing your faith and scripture. So many Christian devo books have such LOUSY writing and drag out one thought or point for far too many paragraphs and chapters.

  3. So glad, how that happens...

    peace : )

  4. Hi SL : )

    I actually have written a book and have lots of rejection letters from publishers to prove it! : ) haha : ) I actually framed my first rejection letter, as I was even excited to get THAT, : ) made me feel like I was in the game or something I guess...ha, I'm pretty easy to please, aren't I, Lord only knows what I'd do if I actually got published!! ; )

    Thanks for the encouragement, SL, as always,
    'H' : )

  5. Funny you should ask...

    I plan to cook Julia's beef stew on Sunday night! So, there WILL be a post on it coming up... a post where I will NOT forget the pictures (I got scolded last time!)