Sunday, March 29, 2015



We tend, too often, to fixate and focus
on external obstacles
and affronts to our Freedom,
Seemingly impassable Seas
Which stand between
Promised Land...

While all along,
Only and Ever,
It is the Red Sea Within
Which needs to be


"Be Strong and Very Courageous."
-Joshua 1:6

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lift II


...And the tell-tale glow
Saturates the Sky
An infusion of Day Dawning
Light Returning
Life Coming Back

Flooding Golden and Rose
The Heavens I look into
Lift into...

Beloved Wings
Which have borne me,
Bear me still,
Become me,
Live, Move, and have Their Being in me

Thus We fly
In unutterable sacred union

Headed into this horizon
With healing on Our Wings
For Such A Time As This
For Whosoever Will
For All who would know
The Incomparable Gift,

I Become



"As an eagle stirs up its nest, hovers over its young, 
spreading out its wings, taking them up,
carrying them on its wings, so the LORD alone led him."
-Deuteronomy 32:11

Sunday, March 22, 2015



We've domesticated the idea of Redemption,
Reduced the Lion of Judah into a whimpering puppy,
Done an unconscionable disservice to our charge, The Beloved,
The "Whosoever will",
dying for what Jesus died for,
The Domino Effect set off by the Cross,
The curse-crushing line that was drawn
in that Bloodied sand...

How dare we, who hold Truth, temper it,
We, who claim to speak for the King,
Corralling their Freedom,
Conditionally ladling out (if we even do that) this Tsunami of Salvation
with pithy talks on Sunday mornings
and impotent platitudes
which we've found more palatable, more plausible,
and preferred to
the Power of the Spirit

The Cross was not just for pretty.

Either It Is Finished,
or it is not.

Redemption is not just a feel-good thought,
It Is The Provision of Providence,
It is The Panacea we wield like a play-thing,
instead of the Living, Powerful, Double-Edged Sword that It Is.

Redemption is the Crux embodied in the Crucifixion,
as an oak tree in an acorn
as an atomic blast in a steel shell

It is the Apex of Creation

Redemption does not merely placate us
in the face of regrets and fall-out from our "best-laid-plans"
It does what our "filthy rags" could never do...

It Covers us
Triumphs over the wreckage
Transmutes trials
Trades us Beauty for Ashes
Is the Conduit which Carries us
Beyond the heart-rending, leveling losses...

Redemption Rebuilds, Restores, Reboots....
Redemption tangibly transforms our endings into Beginnings
Redemption rewrites the story,



Redemption Changes Everything.


"I Got This."

"I AM The Resurrection and The Life."
-John 11:25

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


"There is a Time to be Born"
-Ecclesiastes 3:2


To Make Do
Curled up in the corner
of this broken open cocoon
is No Longer For You

These Wings are not just for pretty
But to Fly
To Brave Many Worlds
To Bring The Beauty...

Not to sit in the stale air
of this once useful womb
But to Soar on Wind-of-the-Spirit
Trusting Deity's Masterful Design

To Expand now
Into All He Intended
Into More than this flimsy frame of reference
Allows you to Fathom

To Burst these barren boundaries
To See the walls blown off the Horizon
To Be Born into this Wide-Open
Come-What-May Sky,

And into Every Beloved Life


"Here am I, Send me"
"Go then, in this might of yours."
Isaiah 6:8, Judges 6:14