Thursday, April 21, 2016



I have sweat so much blood
In this Eden turned Gethsemane,
Died so many deaths,
Been consumed in the furnace of this world,

That I am now
More Spirit than substance
More Flame than flesh


Like that Veil
Two thousand years ago
To let in Heaven

-The very Veil men, 
mere hirelings who purport to represent Providence
Have spent centuries patching up,
The repulsive presumption of peddling Providence from pulpits
The high treason of imposing taxes on the exports of Heaven -

So He finds a way around
As He always has,
Like a River running around impertinent pebbles
Like an Ocean surging over impostor shores

Through Ruffian Royalty
Through human holy of holies,
Through those who,
Like their Leader,
Would lay down their lives
Would give their all

Would be Torn

So that Living Water
and Covenant Blood
Could once again
Flow Freely

For the sake of seeing His Kingdom Come
For the sake of His Will be Done
For the sake of once again
Letting in His "Let there be..."

For the sake of His Beloved,

Let us be



-Matthew 6:10

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Beloved Beginning


We all know the story,

"In the Beginning
God Created..."

Birds and Brooks,
Moonrises and Mountains,
Wind, Sand, and Stars...

All that we see
He brought into being
By speaking a Word,
"Let There Be...",

~ With one Staggering Exception ~

When it came to creation's climax
The Most High's magnum opus,

It was not a detached dictum
With which we were fashioned,
But rather God made a distinction in our design
By taking a Hands-on approach...

All the wonders previously formed
Became mere backdrop
As in this pinnacle moment,
"Let there be..."

"Let Us make..."

The Potter proceeded to push up His sleeves,
Pick up His clay,
And with a tenderness that brought all of Heaven to tears
This Master Craftsman got His Hands dirty
As He,
In The Beginning,
In the first intimate interaction
Between Deity and dust,
Skillfully Sculpted

His friend,

His companion,

His Beloved


Genesis 1:26-27

Friday, April 1, 2016



God fits into our finite framework
The way an oak tree condescends to fit into an acorn

Considering our scale against the backdrop of our solar system
(Which is, in itself,
A mere drop in the ocean of the universe)
A modicum of humility may be in order,
A pause
In our passing of judgement
May be called for,
Before doling out
Our "God is Dead" dictums;

The scale lent us by the stars and space
Should silence such impertinence

God lends His vision to our limited lens
Tucks Himself into our tiny existence,
Which holds about five factors
of the Billion Factor equation
in which we live, and move, and have our being...
The factors on which we so cleverly base our conclusions
About the Creator of the universe,
The Most High God,
The Supreme Being... cute of us.......... 




"The fool has said in his heart, 'There is no God' "
-Psalm 14:1