Sunday, February 26, 2012

in short...


At Rest,
At Last.


"Come to Me, all ye who are weary..."

Friday, February 10, 2012

moving the needle


The impact we have in this life is measured,
not so much in grandiose gestures,
but in miniscule moments

not primarily by our moving the masses
but by our touching individual lives

It's in the micro more than the macro,
the Minutiae...

Jesus healed with a Word
Humanized "the least of these" with a loving look
Turned entire trajectories in a moment of Grace
Trumped tyrannical tradition with a touch

There's magic in the merest kindness
Seeing one accustomed to being unseen
(--and there's a reason a tiny straw can break a camel's back,
so careful how you dole out your straws--)

Our lives are made up of jots and tittles
more than broad strokes
The legacy we leave
built brick by brick
our journey taken step by step...

Let us tread intentionally
laying lovely ground
leaving in our wake
a Life well Lived

moment by moment....


-e.a.a. "Hindsfeet"  2/10/12