Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Walk...


Walk with me, My love
over this threshold,
into New Day...
Trust Me enough to loosen your grip
on what has gone before
Trust that there are good gifts still ahead,
not just behind...
Those Gifts I carefully chose
and gave to you are yours,
and will *always* be,
the Gold of those Gifts
has been skillfully
and wonderfully
woven into your very makeup...
integrated into your innermost beautiful being...
so leave off with fearfully, needlessly clinging
to something that is,
and always will be,
part of you...
...there is more building to do,
more I want to ingrain in you,
dimension still to be added
even more Beauty I want to bestow....
More than you can ask for
More than you can expect
More than you can imagine...
Oh Beloved of mine,
Let me open your eyes to see
Let me gently take your hand
and Lead you into even more Good,
Walk with Me, my Love
My Treasure
My Child,
There is still so much Good...
"The God of Heaven Himself is with us;
we His servants will arise
and build."
-Nehemiah 2:20

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Gift III

fill me
with the fullness
of You
envelop me
in Your
tie me
with cords
of loving kindness
give me
as You were given
to the world
until I, myself


Monday, December 23, 2013


How graciously You share with me
 this space,
In Your Stable
In Your Kingdom
You teach me to be,
in both,
equally at Home,
as You are,
seamlessly moving
between the two
which are really,
and always,
Both hinds feet and High Places
are needed...
ashes and Beauty
relative obscurity and Royalty...
I am Your tender touch,
with one hand cupping the face of Your beloved,
with the other cupping the Face of Heaven
I am the golden scepter
held in Your steady Hand
extended toward your beloved
banishing fear
conveying Your call
to Come
to Breathe in Your Presence
to know the Kindness of their King
revealed in a Carpenter,
a Foot-Washer,
in One Who left Heaven
to hold Earth,
to form a Bridge,
and to make of us,
Merry Christmas,
from one beloved to another...

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Gift II

so I pray, "Be Thou My Vision",
thinking to see
into Realms Unknown
and Mystery
and Things secreted away...
...but instead - or consequently -
I suddenly See,
diffused through my morning window
Moving like Water...
and the Beauty of it
makes me smile.

Thursday, December 19, 2013



250,000 miles to the moon,
500,000 there and back...
...amazing the lengths the heart will go to Love,
the capacity for which it's been graced
by a Creator Who Understands,
indeed Who formed the heart
for this very Purpose...
to Love,
to Be Loved,
to hold Love,
like an acorn
holds an oak tree...
like a stable
holds a Savior.
Wishing you God's Greatest Gift
this Christmas,
and *always*,
in the million miraculous ways
He makes Love known...
"I have loved you
with an everlasting love."
-Jeremiah 31:3

Sunday, December 15, 2013

wise men, seek Him

we move
amidst heaven and earth
hinds feet and high places
ethereal, untethered to terra
the Lovers...

we who know Him
are not always found where you'd expect
just as He was not found where expected

not under some steeple, but in a stable,
in loathsome obscurity
among forbidden things...

we speak, as He did,
not always from pulpits (vulgar barrier between Beloveds)
but at lakesides, firesides, tablesides.....
if you would find the extraordinary
peer into the ordinary...

You who seek Him
seek Him also where you would not;
seek Him in the places that scandalize your faith
and free you from dead dogma
look up from your pew
and see Him also
en plein air...
let not your walk with Him
be trudging and begrudging

but Dancing, Flying

Know the One who would be known
not as a prop in your precarious presbytery,
but as the One who's power is purveyed
in nothing your house of cards can hold.
"For Thine is the Kingdom, and the Power,
and the Glory,
-Matthew 6:13

Saturday, December 7, 2013



Oh heavy heart
Let Me sing softly to you
Let Me soothe you
and remind you
of what you know,
what maybe you've forgotten for a moment...
That candlelight is lovely
especially in the
Cold and Dark and Night
That Love persists
even long after...even when far away...or not yet...
That hearts can heal,
falling leaves are lovely,
and that against the backdrop of a winter sky
silhouetted still standing Oaks,
bereft and stripped bare
are still one of the most beautiful sights to behold...
Oh My heart,
Remember Beauty.....
There is 
 so much


Monday, December 2, 2013


"For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
nor are your ways my ways, says the Lord."
-Isaiah 55:8

In our Western mindset, "suffering" is seen as inherently "bad", something to be avoided at all costs.  Our paradigm suggests if we are suffering, that "something must be wrong".  Whereas in other, more ancient cultures, suffering is seen as simply an integral and inevitable valid state, an intrinsic fundamental part of  the Life cycle itself.

No suffering, No Birth
When we attempt to subjugate suffering with pills, potions, drink, diversions, we stagnate in the very suffering from which we are trying to escape and stifle the intended end result: new Life.  When we resist the process, we stand in the way of the very excavation which will make room in our hearts to hold what comes after......
and there is an "after"
suffering need not have the last word,
if we'll let God finish His sentence.
When suffering is seen as some sort of stigma, we miss the opportunity, the doorway granted,
into new depth
into deeper communion
with each other
with our God
with the One "acquainted with grief"
we miss the Gift.
As we enter into this Season, celebrating the Birth which allowed all of us to be Reborn,
Let us remember the suffering that precipitated that Promise,
the death which preceded - and was servant to - the Life
Let us, in turn, see sorrow in a new light,
suffering for all that it is worth,
not as an end
but as a means to the intended end
which is,
of course,
and always,
The Beginning

"I have come that they may have Life,
Abundant Life."
-John 10:10