Sunday, December 15, 2013

wise men, seek Him

we move
amidst heaven and earth
hinds feet and high places
ethereal, untethered to terra
the Lovers...

we who know Him
are not always found where you'd expect
just as He was not found where expected

not under some steeple, but in a stable,
in loathsome obscurity
among forbidden things...

we speak, as He did,
not always from pulpits (vulgar barrier between Beloveds)
but at lakesides, firesides, tablesides.....
if you would find the extraordinary
peer into the ordinary...

You who seek Him
seek Him also where you would not;
seek Him in the places that scandalize your faith
and free you from dead dogma
look up from your pew
and see Him also
en plein air...
let not your walk with Him
be trudging and begrudging

but Dancing, Flying

Know the One who would be known
not as a prop in your precarious presbytery,
but as the One who's power is purveyed
in nothing your house of cards can hold.
"For Thine is the Kingdom, and the Power,
and the Glory,
-Matthew 6:13

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