Monday, December 23, 2013


How graciously You share with me
 this space,
In Your Stable
In Your Kingdom
You teach me to be,
in both,
equally at Home,
as You are,
seamlessly moving
between the two
which are really,
and always,
Both hinds feet and High Places
are needed...
ashes and Beauty
relative obscurity and Royalty...
I am Your tender touch,
with one hand cupping the face of Your beloved,
with the other cupping the Face of Heaven
I am the golden scepter
held in Your steady Hand
extended toward your beloved
banishing fear
conveying Your call
to Come
to Breathe in Your Presence
to know the Kindness of their King
revealed in a Carpenter,
a Foot-Washer,
in One Who left Heaven
to hold Earth,
to form a Bridge,
and to make of us,
Merry Christmas,
from one beloved to another...

1 comment:

  1. Merry Christmas dear Elizabeth! It is a joy to know you!