Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Walk...


Walk with me, My love
over this threshold,
into New Day...
Trust Me enough to loosen your grip
on what has gone before
Trust that there are good gifts still ahead,
not just behind...
Those Gifts I carefully chose
and gave to you are yours,
and will *always* be,
the Gold of those Gifts
has been skillfully
and wonderfully
woven into your very makeup...
integrated into your innermost beautiful being...
so leave off with fearfully, needlessly clinging
to something that is,
and always will be,
part of you...
...there is more building to do,
more I want to ingrain in you,
dimension still to be added
even more Beauty I want to bestow....
More than you can ask for
More than you can expect
More than you can imagine...
Oh Beloved of mine,
Let me open your eyes to see
Let me gently take your hand
and Lead you into even more Good,
Walk with Me, my Love
My Treasure
My Child,
There is still so much Good...
"The God of Heaven Himself is with us;
we His servants will arise
and build."
-Nehemiah 2:20

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  1. Wishing you the very best for the year ahead. Meanwhile, if you pop over to my blog you'll find a wee award waiting for you :)