Sunday, February 21, 2016

Real - Part I


These brief bursts
Where we see,
With heartbreaking Clarity,
For just a Moment,


Before "reality" realizes the breach
And rushes back in,
like an ocean wave over
seashell treasures in the sand
suffocating What Was Seen
As though It never was...

And we wonder,
And question what we saw,
And dismiss as a trick of the light,

The Truest Light


"Let there be Light"
Genesis 1:3

Saturday, February 20, 2016



You disguise us in flesh
As You did Jesus
Bodies tethering us to Terra Firma
Lest we fly
And forget our charge
The land-locked souls
For whom we are here

We are The Smugglers
of Your Image
Formed in us
Breathed in us
The which we bear into a world
Who is Longing to know
What You Really look like

Unlikely purveyors of Providence
We are found in just as unlikely places
 - As You always were
As You always are -

Not always in pews and pulpits and parishes,
More often in pubs and dog parks and sacred places of the sort

We move quietly among them
To deliver the Goods
To tether their spirits

to Heaven


"As He Is, so are we in this world."
1 John 4:17

Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Kiss


The First Kiss,

A Breath...

Creator pressing His lips into Clay
Bellows bringing to Life,
Stoking the soul,
Blowing into Blaze
the Sacred fire in the Beloved

Mouth to Mouth
The lips of The Original Lover
Awakened Love
Animated Spirit
Enlivened the lifeless
And made One of two...

....As all good kisses do


"The Lord God formed man, breathed into him, and man became a living being, complete in body and in spirit."
Genesis 2:7