Wednesday, March 11, 2015


"There is a Time to be Born"
-Ecclesiastes 3:2


To Make Do
Curled up in the corner
of this broken open cocoon
is No Longer For You

These Wings are not just for pretty
But to Fly
To Brave Many Worlds
To Bring The Beauty...

Not to sit in the stale air
of this once useful womb
But to Soar on Wind-of-the-Spirit
Trusting Deity's Masterful Design

To Expand now
Into All He Intended
Into More than this flimsy frame of reference
Allows you to Fathom

To Burst these barren boundaries
To See the walls blown off the Horizon
To Be Born into this Wide-Open
Come-What-May Sky,

And into Every Beloved Life


"Here am I, Send me"
"Go then, in this might of yours."
Isaiah 6:8, Judges 6:14


  1. Rising, line by line, to a vision of great power. Uncanny cloud formation in the photograph.

  2. photoshopping there, Jonathan....I went out on my deck one day, looked up in the sky, and there it was.....the truly uncanny bit was that it was on the day I took my first flying lie.......uncanny indeed......wish you well, my friend...