Monday, January 11, 2010

Road Map.....

Seek the wisdom
That will untie your knot
Seek the path
That demands your whole being
Leave that which is not, but appears to be
Seek that which is, but is not apparent


  1. Sometimes you just need a little Rumi boost.

    I would have been tempted to write long paragraphs under this quote and photo... wise of you to not. It really covers it all and leave your readers thinking their own quiet thoughts.

    I love the last two lines and spend a lot of time questioning, wondering if I'm following "that which is, but is not apparent" or "that which is not, but appears to be."

    Thanks for the Rumi!

  2. I love this - had to read it many times to let it sink in and even then, I'm not sure that I'm fully capable of following this truth entirely, but I can certainly strive for it. :)

  3. Hi SL : )

    I'm trying my hand at a bit more brevity these days, trying not to dilute words with too many words...Sometimes more is just more, right? And it would be presumptuous and superfluous in the extreme to add anything to Rumi's perfect words here...

    But enough about Rumi! How was the Boeuf Bourguignon!!?! : )

  4. I know what you mean, Linda...a good lighthouse to head toward...

    : )

  5. Hi Hindsfeet! I shared your words on the loaves and fishes with my Bible study tonight!


  6. Oh SL, how cool, I hope it fit the bill nicely : )

    Speaking of loaves and fishes, what's next from Julia Child? : )