Saturday, January 2, 2010

Picture This...

Two Thousand Ten - or "Twenty Ten" as I'm told we're to call it - is steadied on the easel of January 1st, pristine and poised in it's infancy, waiting to be painted upon.

There it sits, the New Year, the quintessential clean slate, the fresco of our future unfolding before us, a white washed would-be work of art...

And here am I, sitting at my computer, my "canvas", such as it is, hoping to make a meaningful contribution to this microcosmic masterpiece...So far a few scribbles, some rough ideas is all I have to offer, a few loaves and fishes, as it were...But fishes in His hands feed multitudes; loaves broken and blessed become Bread of Life.

So I quietly breathe a prayer, asking God, the fountainhead of our future, to further the completion of this work He's begun, to add His perspective to my paltry beginnings, sparse starts being His specialty.

He makes much of the meager alms we offer, and blesses these tiny brushstrokes, till one day, maybe a year from now, we'll look back and see a canvas full of color, and we'll be three hundred and sixty five days closer to a clearer picture of Christ.

I look forward to collaborating with you all as we join Him in His ongoing Creation. 

Happy New Year, Friends,


  1. Elegant and usual.

    Looking up,


  2. Lovely! I need the inspiration today - the last day of our wonderful Christmas break and I'm not feeling too happy about returning to work tomorrow, as I know daughter is not looking forward to school either. Transitions are always difficult for me.

  3. I know how you feel, Linda, really...My husband and I have a big transition going on tomorrow too as he's starting a new job...It's a good change, but still a change...not to mention we've had a nice little chunk of vacation together as well and tomorrow marks the end of those nice lazy days...back to "real" life...always feels a little jarring, especially for people like you and I who could be happy hibernating in our homes with writing and painting and just cozy time.....anyway, yeah, I know....

    ...As far as your little girl, I know : ( ...When I was little I always felt pretty awkward in school...I was PAINFULLY shy and it was never fun for me...I'll say a little prayer for her in the morning, ok? And for you too...

    peace peace peace for all of us tonight...

  4. "So far a few scribbles, some rough ideas is all I have to offer, a few loaves and fishes, as it were...But fishes in His hands feed multitudes; loaves broken and blessed become Bread of Life."

    Ah, the loaves and the fishes is one of those stories that always seems to pop up when I need to be reminded of it the most... this time through your lovely thoughts-made-into-words. It's one of those stories that has fit a hundred different scenarios in my life and brought me an overwhelming sense of peace, gratitude, and JOY each time. Thank you, Hindsfeet!

    Your blog is a blessed ministry, in my eyes!

  5. So glad it was so timely, SL...

    At the moment I'm gathering some new "Paint" for my canvas this year...reading "Ragamuffin Gospel" again, by Brennan Manning...I read it about 11 years ago and am now re-reading it, as I recommended it to a friend and thought I could use another dose of it myself...I think that reading is such a great way to add to the palette, so to speak...good to intermingle others' perspective in with yours, making the colors so much more vivid in the end result.

    Thanks for your contribution to my palette as well, SL, glad our paths crossed when they did : )

  6. Happy New Year to you, Hindsfeet!

    After spending nine years saying, "oh-one" ('01), "oh-two" ('02), "oh-three" ('03), etc., I find myself referring to this year as "oh-ten." :-)

  7. I love that thought - His ongoing creation.

  8. Hi TC : ) This made me laugh, I'm surprised I haven't done the same thing yet! : )

  9. Hi Relyn : )

    So glad to have found another gifted 'collaborator' in you and your delightful blog : )

    Hope you're still enjoying your snowdays over there; we got a beautiful dusting ourselves last night...lovely lovely : )