Thursday, January 28, 2010

Majestic minutiae...

"Do not despise the day of small beginnings..." -Zechariah 4:10

Jesus spent a lot of time making much of the mundane, seeing significance in the smallest offering, deriving great meaning from diminutive details...

He overlooked fortunes, instead focusing on the widow's mite; He considered a few loaves and fishes a viable option for the feeding of five thousand; He was impressed not by mighty trees, but by the mustard seeds they sprouted from.

When His disciples needed their idea of Heaven challenged, He placed before them a child.  At the height of His popularity, He dined with the lowest of the low, Zaccheus, a man as short on scruples as he was in stature. 

And when mankind needed a savior, He came as a servant.

So often I want to do grandiose things for God.  Occasionally I want grandiose things for myself.  But in Jesus' economy, the base things are the big things: the poor are rich; the weak are strong; we serve a God whose greatest achievement is marked not by some plaque hanging on a wall, but by His Son, hanging on a cross...

...This precious paradigm, this titanic truth, seeps into my sense of balance and turns it on it's ear.  I find myself scandalized and at the same time set free; or at least a bit more free; like a dimmer switch, being slowly turned up, letting in more light,

little by little...


  1. I'm hittin' the print button on this one, H. I LOVE this.

  2. I like that phrase: Jesus' economy

    My mom found your blog through my blog and ordered me the book Hindsfeet, since I have never read it. She couldn't believe I had never read it :)

  3. I love how God looks at things!!

    Last night, I received a great surprise - an email from my Editor at our local newspaper where I write a monthly column, that was very complimentary and offered me additional articles in the way of a Correspondence Writer. My husband looked over and I was crying. He said "aren't you happy?" and I said, yes of course, but going through my mind was the fact that through this small town newspaper, God has opened up a whole new world of opportunity that if I had been afraid to step out on faith, I would have missed all of these great blessings. It's just humbling and awe-inspiring to me.

    Kind regards,

  4. Thanks, D : ) Man, sometimes I write and it just feels like taking dictation or something, just flows, this was one o' dose times....thanks again, D...(she said, between bites of Ben&Jerry's ; ) )

  5. Thanks, SL : ) ...and I can't WAIT to hear how you like Hannah Hurnard's book!!! The reading of that book was a real turning point for me in my relationship with God...I go back to it here and there and it always hits the spot.....Just a beautiful analogy...

    um, hi to your mom too! ; )

  6. Thanks so much, TC....Hey! Where did 84 Charing Cross Road go? ; )

  7. Well Good for You, Linda! And Good Success in your new venture! Kudos : )

  8. Hugs back atcha, Tara : ) (Sorry bout dem Cowboys!!! Bummer, huh?! )

    Happy Weekend to ya : )