Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Amazing Grace


What if the base version of holiness
you've been metering out to My world
and My version of Holiness
are completely at odds?

What if your filthy rag definition of "Righteousness"
is utterly revolting to My Ocean of Mercy Heart?

Your pasteurized version of purity
creates a chasm between Myself and those I came to Save,
Those I came to Love

Have you lost your sense of wonder at the fuzzy math of My Favor
and on whom My Favor rests?
Have you lost your gratitude for the fact that that Fuzzy-Math-Favor
very much works in your favor?

When did your forgiven heart become so full
of careful cold-hearted calculations,
When was my "Whosoever will" provision
replaced by your selective system of "salvation"
you measure out to My beloved world

You have been miserly with the Gospel of Grace entrusted to you

My precious Precious Child....

You've meant well
even as you've doled out My Heart in this Heart-breaking manner

But Now,


Let the Phoenix of my Mercy
Rise triumphant from the ashes of your judgement

Return to Tenderness
Be Amazed again by Grace
Remember First Love

There is Only Love

Be Still,
Know your God
and reflect me rightly
to the world
I So Love.


"For God so loved the world"
John 3:16

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