Monday, September 7, 2015

Of Dogma and Deity


You cling so tightly to your dogma
Instead of to Deity

Let the flimsy boat
of your 'do and don't' doctrine
break up
The one that insulates you from falling
into the Living Breathing Beautiful Fearsome
Ocean of Him

Jesus was rightly called
"The Stone of Stumbling"
"The Rock of Offense"
The Scandalon

He never missed an opportunity
to scandalize their ersatz "faith"
when it was in anything other than God
To knock the legs out from under
whatever they were leaning on
if it kept them from leaning on Him...
To expose the base "get out of hell free" cards
we so blithely dole out to a world starving for God
"don't drink" "do drink" "don't heal on the Sabbath"
"don't wear that" "do wear this" "be rich" "be poor"...

All of these counterfeit pursuits,
base alternatives to knowing The Almighty
Nothing more than chasing foxes...

And He doesn't want us chasing foxes...

He wants us


"Jesus said, 'I AM the Way' " 


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