Thursday, March 20, 2014

Here Comes the Sun....


.....sorry to so shamelessly 'borrow' from the Beatles there,
but Harrison said it so well, it bears repeating......

....especially today.....

it finally happened.....

the first day of

We made it.......

through the falling, the darkness, the dying......
the cold, the fear, the hard broken road........

Here We Are

on the other side...

Winter now graciously concedes,
her important work completed.
Satisfied, she steps aside,

to make room for Light,
for Life coming back,
for All Things New....

Here comes the Sun my friends,

it's going to be Glorious.


"Their Path is like the light of dawn
which shines brighter and brighter
unto the Perfect Day"
-Proverbs 4:18


  1. Looking out the window at the bare trees, the near horizontal rain bouncing off car roofs, water pouring out of gutters and overflowing the drains, people on the streets bent forward trying to hold down their coat hoods from getting blown back, and barely flowering daffodils almost flattened in the strong winds, it feels more than a little odd seeing so many people posting about it being the first day of Spring... ;)

  2. : ) ....hi Kim.....Life is Paradox, no? Antoine de Saint-Exupery wrote, it is what we cannot see, that is the most true, the most powerful......Life is ridiculously tenacious, despite all appearances ; )

    hugs for you over there, my friend, keep writing your wonderful stuff....always looking forward to the next installment.......

    Liz ~*