Saturday, December 3, 2011

Treasures in the Sand

~ ~ ~

A deceptive Barrenness
Defines this Desert

At first glance
A Wasteland of endless wanderings

Nothing, it seems,
But Miles and Millenia
of a vapid, vacuous Void...

To the untrained eye there is only
the unending monotonous migration
over unwieldy terrain
that takes and taxes
yielding nothing in return...

But Treasure rarely proffers itself willingly
to the Pilgrim,
Eschewing backdrops well-suited to its worth
It chooses instead the hidden places of Paradox
Demanding to be dug for, rather than doled out...

Waiting to be found by those
willing to walk this Way
who have eyes to see

Worth in the Wasteland
Rivers in the Desert
Diamonds in the Dust...

And then to travel on
Having found True Wealth
A Bedouin's Bounty
Themselves Becoming
Treasures in the Sand

~ ~ ~

e.a.a. "Hindsfeet" 12/3/11

"For they shall partake of the abundance of the seas
and of treasures hidden in the sand."
-Deuteronomy 33:19


  1. this is too much meaty goodness
    to eat in one course!
    Slowly, slowly....sipping and chewing,
    a Bedouin's bounty
    filling and flowing,
    letting the becoming
    sing praise to His Love.
    Stirred my heart to heaven, these words did.
    Always, always.....thank you:)

  2. L, just got your e-mail
    and it gave me, alternatively,
    smiles, chills and more
    smiles. What an amazing
    experience. You are a
    beautiful writer; I felt the
    emotion in every line, just
    like this exquisite poem.
    I just have one request:
    Please modify your blogger
    profile so that your return
    address isn't "no-reply
    blogger," as I have no way
    to answer your comments.
    If you need help on how to
    do this, I posted about it,

    Thanks for your always
    kind words ~ means the world
    to know I've touched even
    one person with my thoughts.
    Have a very Merry Christmas!

    xx Suzanne