Tuesday, December 13, 2011



the Peace of pine needles
of yuletide poesy
of savoring simple melodies
about reindeer and good will toward men
of sleigh bells and silent nights...

...the soul soothing familiarity
the tether to tradition
something ongoing
in the face of so much transience
Epiphany displacing the ephemeral...

...if only for a little while.


e.a.a. "Hindsfeet" 12/12/11


  1. This is gorgeous. You are so talented.

    Hope you have a most blessed Christmas.
    Linda :)

  2. soul singing soft and quiet
    over these soothing words
    so ripe with truth
    that my heart goes calm
    with their saying.
    thanks for this, dear friend.
    I hold you near to my heart
    this Christmas,

  3. oh how did I miss this?!?!
    I was just stopping by to say hello
    and give you bright hopeful hugs for this
    shiny new year
    and I find that I missed this Christmasy beauty.
    Oh I hope it was a beauty, this holiday.
    May your dear sweet heart be light,

  4. Ah, yes,
    "the tether to
    I'm missing it
    already, having
    put my folks on a
    plane, home, yesterday!
    But we did make
    the most of those
    traditions while they
    were here. Hope your
    New Year has begun
    just the way you want
    it to and will be filled
    with those things that
    make your heart sing.

    xx Suzanne