Thursday, January 5, 2012

In the Beginning, God....

"In the Beginning, God"
-Genesis 1:1


"In the Beginning, God..."

Those four Words,
potent with powerful encouragement
comprising such comfort
as we embark on the year to come...

...Not solitary,
but setting out
with One Who knows the way
Who made the way,
and Who is the Way.

Not only here, now,
at the genesis of our journey,
not only "in the Beginning, God",
But throughout our days and weeks and months ahead, God.

In our Beginnings, God
In our Middles, God
In our Endings, God....

...from cornerstone to capstone,
Alpha to Omega,
Beginning to End...


...We can trust Him to carry us through.

Happy New Year, my dear friends,

-e.a.a. "Hindsfeet"  1/1/12


"He who began...will also complete"
-Phillipians 1:6


  1. The perfect way to begin the year. A reminder of how we're grounded, with Whom we are grounded.

    The best Happy New Year reminder I have seen...maybe *ever*....

    Happy New Year, H.

  2. oh how I love simple
    and profound the beginning, God.
    Yes, so much thanks for the
    lightning flash of truth!
    Such comfort and peace
    in this.
    May His fullness fill every breath
    you take
    this year, friend
    ...may these be the days
    your heart has longed for:)

  3. Your post is not only comforting but exciting at the same time......

    He truly is "ALL" isn't He? What a mighty God we serve....

    I hope this year you just get your socks blessed off and that every moment of every day you will feel His arms around you....

    Love ya sweet girl,