Friday, March 12, 2010


-Psalm 23

Our path may seem uncertain, challenging and even impassable, yet there is no where our way can take us that our Shepherd has not gone before, no eventuality He has not provided for, no difficulty that is not paved with His grace. 

This is no virgin soil we tread upon; Christ, our forerunner, has traversed this sod. 

He fashioned all our days, laid all the track, when as yet not one step had been taken, not a single moment had been lived...

He knows our path like the back of His nail-scarred hand; He's walked every inch, negotiated every turn, navigated every difficulty, climbed every high and trekked every low.

Ours is not some ambivalent Autocrat, standing aloof above the stuggle...

He who could've chosen the safe distance of detached Deity, chose instead intimate involvement in all our ways; He, who could've stood idly by, watching us manage this maze, instead inserted Himself into the milieu of man, and became a participant in our pilgrimage.

He is not only the Author of our journey, but its Finisher as well.

Our Creator offers Himself, not only as a compass, but as a confidant and a companion.  We are not in this alone.  He is our Way through this wilderness, His very footsteps are ours to follow.

He will make His footsteps our pathway
-Psalm 85:13


  1. Your words are a needed bright light that illuminates my path. And also a reminder that I am not on the path alone. Thanks, H.

  2. ya know, D....your comment reminds me of the two blind girls in that important to have traveling companions and others' know that we're not alone....guess your picture is still resonating with me....

  3. I can't help but cry as I read your post. Thank you for reminding me that the Lord is my Shepherd. Everytime I fell so down, I read Psalm 23. Dan is right, you said it very well. I thank God for friends like you and Dan.

  4. Hey SS...Guess we all need eachother, eh? This journey is not for the faint of heart, that's for sure...Good to have traveling companions, even better to have Him.....He sees the furthest down the road...........

    Peace, my friend...

  5. Powerful words, Hindsfeet! I've missed your inspiring, thought-provoking posts these last few days of busy-ness!

  6. Oh, thanks, Courtney! I've been enjoying the updates on your new adventure and wishing you all the best...

    "He knows the way that I take, and when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold." Job 23:10

    Peace, Girlfriend...