Thursday, October 22, 2009


"Jesus said, 'Come.'  And when Peter had come down out of the boat, he walked on the water to go to Jesus.  But when he saw that the wind was boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink he cried out, saying, 'Lord, save me!'  And Immediately Jesus stretched out His hand and caught him."  -Matthew 14:29-31

He didn't hover over his helplessness
He didn't wane at his weakness
He didn't make him suffer for his short-sightedness
He didn't allow him to flail in his failure

IMMEDIATELY Jesus stretched out His hand and caught him.....

You stepped out of the boat, but your boldness betrayed you, your eyes left His, and Fear seized the opportunity, plunging you into tumultuous terror...

The waves are battering you, your bearings are lost in this sea.  With all of it's breath it is sucking you under, and with your last breath you cry out --

To Whom?  For What? 

Whose strength are you depending on to deliver you?   Who do you rely on when life has you against the ropes?  What are you counting on to come through, to catch you?  A pill?  A person?  A profession?  Who has the resources to rescue you? 

Who, but the One who summons the storm,
Who, but He Who wields the wind and the waves,
Who, but the Saviour
Who not only speaks Stillness to your soul , but to the whole of the tempest tormenting you...

...and it obeys...

Deep inside each one of us, perhaps surfacing these days, there is that primitive part unspoiled by modernity, a homing beacon, a Knowing that overrides our neatly packaged processes and socially acceptable strategems in times of trauma and crisis. 

And out of that core wells up the cry for its Creator,
"LORD, Save me!"

...And IMMEDIATELY Jesus stretched out His hand and caught him...

"Oh fainthearted one, why did you doubt?" -Matthew 29:31


  1. Thanks for dropping by to say "hi" hope you are having a lovely October!

  2. Yes, we may ignore Him or run from Him for years (me!), but when we finally cry out... He does not hesitate to save us. Great post, thankyou. Oh, and thanks for the comment on my post!

  3. Hey Joy, I never thought of it that way...That's a really good perspective of this passage...Thanks for passing that along...

  4. Hey Lady, I read your comments on my post, I know you made two, but only one posted for some reason... the one that did not post, you were asking what happened that I became a Christian. I was finally brought to my knees by a sickness that I knew was the result of sin in my life---I finally realized that I WAS a sinner and that I needed to be forgiven. There is more to the story than that--it's really personal (aren't they all?) but that is the basic information. Thank you so much for your praise--not sure I deserve as much as you give me, but thank you so much!

  5. I never thought of it that way...That's a really good perspective of this passage...Thanks for passing that along... Work from home India