Sunday, October 18, 2009


Will my broken heart feed many?  Will it satiate sojourning souls?  Will they come and be filled with belonging, with a knowledge that they are not alone?  In their griefs and missteps, their hopes and hopelessness?  Will they be fed here at the table of my poverty and pain, bread born of anguish and adversity, turned to succor for the soul of the Beloved? 

Will my love poured out of this vanquished vessel quench the thirst of thousands?  Burst open like fruit fallen to the ground, the life within, no longer hidden, nourishing passersby?  Will my tears flow like streams into dry deserts longing for Rain? 

Then let it be, and let them come, and let them come and drink and dine, let me be emptied into their souls.  Let their cups overflow with comfort and comradery and let them feast on the fullness of fellowship...Let this shattered seed sprout and spread and yield yet another harvest...

...Let this death become life once again......

John 6:35


  1. WoW! Magnificent, thoughtful and thought provoking work, Hindsfeet.


  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Dan, your responses are always so gracious and uplifting, not just to me, but others as well, you really have a gift : )