Thursday, October 15, 2009


Waiting is over
Wings unfurl and finally fly
Unfettered Freedom

-E.A.A. "Hindsfeet" 10/15/09


  1. Oh, and about Molly... of course, with a baby, we don't know if she feels any pain--especially from the eye tumors, but my neice says she does pretty well. She does have her ups and downs, but they are rejoicing that Molly does pretty well considering all she is going through physically. Molly has lost some hair, but that is a minor thing when a life is at stake. Thanks for asking.

  2. Oh, BTW...yes, I took the shot of the barn on freshairlife. I do all the photography, unless I note otherwise. I like to do my own, I just prefer it, especially since these are my own blogs. I commented after you commented on the freshairlife blog. The second photo is of the dirt road that ran in front of the farm where I lived for 7 years. The farm is still in the family. That is my husband (can't see him) on the old tractor coming down the road.

  3. I LOVE your photography, Joy!! So impressive!! Maybe I could "collaborate" with you one day, using one of your photos with your website attached as an illustration for one of my posts like I did here with Gina's beautiful work if you approve! Really REALLY loved your red barn shot!

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  5. I think that would be special.