Wednesday, February 11, 2015



Bloodied Broken Prodigal Heart
Having gambled away
Every Grace
Every Good Gift Given,
Left Empty


To a Father
Whose Heart bred this one
Bled for this one
Bore, in Agonizing Union
Every Blow
Each Abuse
The Crucifixion of Unbearable Betrayal...

In a show of Unprecedented Mercy,
Of Unbelievable, Astounding Grace
He tenderly takes up
My wasted Judas heart
Claims it as His own
Sees the treasure beneath the ruins

He unearths it
all of it
the excruciating pain
the paralyzing sorrow
the utterly undone-ness of it all...

And Instead

Buries it, absorbs it, into His very own Breast
Broods over it
and again, Breathes into it, 
the ancient In The Beginning words, 
"Let There Be..."...

Willing it to Live Again

Readying it


"All Things New"
-Revelation 21:5

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS...THIS...this is so beautiful!
    Thank you!