Tuesday, February 17, 2015



Blood Pushing, Pulsing,
Muscles no longer atrophied

But Warrior, and Ready,
Steeled to the core
Stallions ready to Run

Determined in their stride
Filled with Iron
Arms that bend bows of bronze

Taut, Tempered
In Fire not of this world
But found in The Deepest Heart of God

Eyes Ablaze with this Flame,
Like her LORD's,
Just Exactly like her LORD's...

Hind's feet headed for craggy, impossible,
Unspoiled High Places
Utterly Insurmountable...

...And Yet...

And Yet,

She Will Stand
And See
From those Conquered Summits
All that was Beyond
this laughably brief Sojourn...

A million years hence,
This speck of existence
Will be but a drop of her Blood
Swimming in the current of His

The moment she was part of 
The Transfusion
Into a Beloved World
Whose heart
had gone cold


"I have Loved you with an Everlasting Love...Come from the four winds,
Oh Breath and Spirit,
And Breathe upon these slain,
That they may Live."
-Jeremiah 31:3, Ezekiel 37:9

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