Tuesday, December 16, 2014

...Let there be Light, a Hanukkah blessing...

"Let There Be Light"
-Genesis 1:3


The lengths we will go
to procure this primal need
even synthesizing it
with phones, tv's, trifles,
these cubic zirconia counterfeits of what was given "In The Beginning"...
which fall into our stomachs, our base appetites,
but miss our Hearts entirely, where the true Hunger lies...

The True Treasure
Buried under the impedimenta of our lives
Waits for the soul, the seeker
who will not settle for 
smoke and mirrors...

Our deepest selves Know,
and still seek Him
and will not be satisfied
with sparkly substitutions
ersatz ephemeral fulfillment...

We Hear, through the din of false diamonds
True Light
Tireless Beacon Calling us Home
Bidding us Follow His Voice
Out of darkness,
Into our 'Let There Be' Beginning...


"What you seek
Is Seeking You."


  1. Powerful, Liz. In tune with my experiences of this day. Thank you.

  2. I hear one of Dylan Thomas's lines in a new light. Rage, Rage against the dying of the light. Rage on, Elizabeth, in the midst of life, as well as at its end.