Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Offering

"The people will come to your light,
and Kings to the brightness of your Rising"
-Isaiah 60:3



Utterly Consumed


Alter empty of All-that-was
The body that held

Fed, Mercifully,
to Flame

Now Spirit, Caught Fire,
Can Burn,
No longer suffocated,
starved of Air,

~~ It Rises ~~

Engulfed in this Gorgeous Fiery Light,
Flesh burns away in a few painful hours,
But Spirit is Fuel for Eternity,
Spent like the Sun,

For The Son

A Lamp
For All who are lost,
Lovely Luminary Shining

For Worlds upon Worlds,


Weary Warriors,
Languishing Lovers,
and Every Precious Prodigal,

The Way to go Home


"Those who would be Light
Must endure Burning."
-Dr. Viktor Frankl

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