Thursday, July 17, 2014


(Chincoteague Island, Virginia)


Soaking with You,
in You,
You in me...

Every cell, every synapse
in this ethereal effusion,

Heart, Mind,
Body, Spirit


Thus saturated,
Thus enmeshed,
I emerge,
Brimming withYour Being,
Your very Essence...

...Through me
Slake the thirst of thousands,
Let tears be traded
for the Torrent
of Your Presence

Into this desert, wring out the Deluge of You,
once again, drench dust with the Divine,
Quench the deepest place in every parched heart,
Rain out of me,
and Flood
Your Beloved.


"Passing through the Valley of Weeping, 
they make it a Place of Springs;
The Rain also covers it and fills the pools with blessings."
-Psalm 84:6

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