Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cross Over II

Matthew 14:22-33


Twelve verses depicting Twelve men
unwittingly sent into a storm of hurricane proportions.

 Jesus actually sent his followers,
his beloved,
his friends,
into the tempest,
without Him.

He knew exactly what they were in for.
He knew exactly what He was doing.

He knew the terror they would face
the bewilderment they would bear
the betrayal they would feel.

and yet

He surrendered them to the wind's fury,
letting them battle the waves all night long;
It was more important for these messengers of Salvation
to know their Savior,
to know the Lord of the Storm,
than to be spared the storm.

The gale did not sink God's chosen,
but served to shipwreck the vestiges of their faulty faith
They saw, first hand, Salvation Himself surface,
and dominate what threatened to drown them.

The storm was not an end;
It was an integral part of the path
to the Beginning

Jesus didn't send them into the storm to destroy them,

He sent them into the storm to get them to the other side.


"Peace, Be Still."
-Mark 4:39

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