Saturday, January 18, 2014


this is where we hope that
Prayer hits the road and sticks the landing,
that everything we've been taught and believed holds true...
That it's when we're outta cards,
God delights in slipping us aces
(I realize the potential perception of sacrilege there,
relegating God to the role of card-shark-in-the-sky....
why do I not think He minds at the moment?)
That when we've fumbled and bumbled
with our broken pieces,
with spit and glue
with a wing
and a prayer
(and maybe not even so much the wing)
when we've taped and patched
and plugged and pasted
and in general exceeded our
cosmic supply of duct tape
not to mention our quota of
flailing, thrashing, and gnashing of teeth...
...when we've thrown our hands up in the air
and given up entirely
(for the fourteenth time - no-really-this-time)...
That God Steps In.
to be continued......
"Stand still and see the salvation of your God."
-Exodus 14:13

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