Sunday, March 24, 2013

Come away....

"Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves
and rest for a while"
-Mark 6:31
Finding stillness on a planet that never stops spinning
straining against its centrifugal force to find solace
to find Center
The ripples subside and my soul becomes glass
reflecting to me my inmost thoughts
my deepest dreams
my Path with impenitent precision
This precious hiatus, this fulcrum
Away from earth's frenetic flood
Where Lost becomes Found
Where the riptide of reason recedes
Where the sanity of the Still and Small resurfaces
and the Communion born of solitude is restored
Thus filled
Thus stilled
I emerge


Ready once again to re-enter
the round rhythm
of another Day
"Rise up, my love, my fair one,and come away"
-Song 2:10


  1. "where lost becomes found" enough in those few words to ponder on for many sunrises and sunsets!


  2. "the riptide of reason"....oh yes,
    rolling over on my back,
    hand to belly,
    letting myself go limp into the arms of love
    and float free from it's grip.
    ooooh how i loved this post, friend.
    yes, yes, celebrating resurrection happening
    in us, to us, through us.
    (we are, after all, the children of the resurrection:))
    love and joy to you in your Springing,

  3. Okay, that quote you emailed me, love! And, does it give me pause to chew on them for some length of time. You have no idea how timely they are for me friend!