Sunday, March 20, 2011


"The night is far spent; the day is at hand"
-Romans 13:12


Dawn displaces darkness
shooing away wintry shadows
nudging me out of my nocturne
and blowing on the smouldering coals
of long dormant dreams
held in abeyance
rousing them to life with the soft breath of the season
bidding them take flight after their long repose...

I pause for just a moment
in this space between spaces
letting my eyes adjust to new light
to new Day...

Then, flooded with freedom, 
feeling the updraft of Your faithfulness
 I take my first step
letting new legs carry me
into come-what-may...

...Lead on, my Lord...

Lead Thou me on...


 "Who is this coming up from the wilderness, leaning upon her Beloved?"
-Song of Solomon 8:5


  1. The soft breath of the season
    soaks me as I read these life-giving words,
    stirs me to also pause in this space
    between spaces
    and thrill for you
    as you're feeling
    the updraft of His faithfulness.
    Oh how I love those words!
    And that faithfulness.
    And I'm cheering you on,
    pulling for you with love and joy
    in the fresh wings you're feeling
    as new legs carry you into
    come what may,
    into come more Lord,
    into more than you can ask or imagine
    and the beautiful surprises
    just waiting
    around the next bend
    for much loved you.
    Leaning on your beloved
    looks most gorgeous
    on you:)

  2. yes, into what may come...