Saturday, March 5, 2011

Attention to Detail...

"See how the flowers of the field grow, they do not labor or spin, yet not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these...if this is how God cares for the grass of the field, will He not much more care for you?...So do not worry."
-Matthew 6:28-33


Our tendency to "toil", to "labor and spin", is tenacious at times and can so easily get the best of us.  When we take our eyes off the little things around us - (my mom calls them "the post-it notes from God") - the things that clearly show God's concern over even the seemingly inconsequetial, the cosmos we see when we "consider the lilies"...when we take our eyes off these things, it can, indeed, send us "laboring" and "spinning", forgetting the Maestro Who meticulously conducts His composition, the compassionate Creator Who directs the minutiae of our lives and tenderly attends to the fine print on every page.

May we come to know the peace of being held in Heaven's hand; may we know the comfort of being cared for by the One Who covers and cradles it all.


"Christ above you, Christ below you, Christ behind you, Christ before you."
-a Celtic blessing


  1. Post-it notes, indeed!
    Wonderful way of seeing and
    saying it.
    Lilies and birds.
    So simple; why do I complicate things so.
    I love this blessing
    and the One who inspired it
    and the beautiful heart that
    took the time to write it out
    for us (thank you).
    Lifting my heart and our dreams
    to the One who
    covers and cradles it all,

  2. Wise woman your Mom! Wise woman you! I love "post it notes from God". May I keep my eyes open for them, always...

    Thank you for this precious reminder.

  3. I love the "post it notes from God".........wisdom for all generations......
    I needed to hear this and so thankful that you were obedient to put the words on paper........

    Hugs and blessings