Saturday, September 24, 2016

Racism or Terrorism?


Our problem,
(as we've been led around by the nose of late to believe)
is not

Our problem

Racism is merely the Trojan Horse,
the fox we've all been chasing around,
like chickens with our heads cut off
While our country and countrymen, black and white, are under attack
While our government turns a blind eye
While we go on ignoring The Man behind the curtain,

Our heads too easily turned by shiny objects 
bright tv screens
smoke and mirrors
bells and whistles
and the like

If the atrocities committed on our country's soil beginning
in Dallas,
in Broad Day Light,
in Cold Blood,
had been perpetrated by any other terrorist group,
we would have declared war on them,

not offered them a tea party at the White House,
much less funding 
much less press time.

Newsflash: Terrorists' lives don't matter.

Ours do.

The problem's not getting solved
Because we're solving the wrong problem.


"Leaders should never bury a problem; you can be sure it will eventually rise from its grave and walk the earth again."
-General Colin Powell

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