Thursday, July 21, 2016

I dare you.

"Let us Dare to think, read, write, and speak!"
-John Adams

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil 
is for good men to do nothing." 
-Democratic President John F. Kennedy quoting Edmund Burke


Our fear until recently, was of terror from without: terrorist groups like Isis and the Taliban, and the threat these groups posed against Americans.

Now there is a new terrorist group - and Isis must be laughing up a storm - as cowards who call themselves Americans, claiming to represent an entire demographic, willingly enslaved themselves to agendas of others who care nothing for them and began last Thursday to terrorize their own country, 
and the lives of their own countrymen, black and white,

all the while insisting,
that their lives matter.

(This begs the question: To Whom?)

Isis doesn't need to send terrorists into America anymore; 
with the support of these pawns and puppets, 
a pandering media, 
a mute public,
 and an anemic government, 
they will likely, instead,
 simply send their regards.


"They had lives to live and families to take care of...they needed to feel safe crossing town...More than anything they needed a sense of security and the knowledge that someone was in charge -- Someone in charge of keeping ministries from being burned down, museums from being looted, infrastructure from being destroyed, crime from exploding, and well-known sectarian differences from turning violent."
-General Colin Powell, 
regarding the Iraqi citizens after Houssein's regime had been dismantled

"Bad ideas don't die simply because they are intrinsically bad.  You need people who will stand up and fight them, put themselves at risk, point out the weaknesses, and drive stakes through their hearts."
-General Colin Powell

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