Friday, January 1, 2016

Begin Again

I AM with you
Through the breadths and the depths
Through the hells and the highs
Through the lengths you go to unravel this life

You feel stretched just now
On this taffy-pull of Time
-this illusory matrix that's turning-

You measure for meaning
When all method seems madness
To make sense of the senseless
and messes

I beg you, Look Up, from your microslice view
Trust My Eyes instead
Let Them guide you

Your existence is a piece
Of Eternity's puzzle
What seems to you prodigal
Is paramount

You are a precious Word
In the story of Time
My Word become bread
My Word become wine

Without your life 
Someone goes hungry
Without your hand
A lamb goes unfed
Without your Samaritan soul
Walking this sod
A broken heart 
is left for dead

You see the Big Picture
Of which you are part?
The High Calling it is
To be in this Art?

Relinquish now your "wisdom"
For My mysterious ways
This Life you've called a parody
I Created to be High Praise

Take the next step
Turn the next page
Rest all of you in Me

Relax your hold on what you think you know...

The Best Is Yet To Be

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