Saturday, November 21, 2015


"You number all my wanderings..."
-Psalm 56:8


I will take you Home
Carry you far from all you've known
But let it go, Love,

Let it Go

Empty-handed lasts a moment,
Becomes Open-handed
and Filled

And you find
Flowing once again
From my Hands
Through your hands
Unimaginable Bounty

Ashes become Beauty
Every regret becomes Redemption
As your wanderings
Become Mercy
Become Amazing Grace

For all who are wandering
For all who want healing
For all who are longing
for Home


"Blessed are they whose strength is in You
and whose heart is set on pilgrimage;
They pass through the valley of weeping
and make it a place of springs."
-Psalm 84:5-6

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