Wednesday, January 21, 2015

elder brother


Just as we are unaware of the blood and breath 
continually coursing through our veins and lungs, keeping us alive, 
so the elder brother lived on his father's mercy, 
required it as much as did the prodigal son.

It's just that the prodigal son, upon his return from death, 
having been gone for such a very long time, 
needed a full blown transfusion, 
full blown CPR.

That's why the Father's mercy looked excessive to the elder brother,

Even though, at the end of the day,

It was the same blood and breath that kept him alive



  1. Identifying more with the elder brother, it's so easy to fail to see that I too need a full blown transfusion. I love your phrase "it was the same blood and breath that kept him alive. We are all in need of a total transfusion....Hugs to you my friend....

  2. One of my favorite
    Bible stories, and I
    love your fresh perspective
    on the brothers, Liz.

    xo Suzanne