Wednesday, August 27, 2014



We serve a Savior Who chose a stable for His birthplace,

A God Who preferred the company of Fisherman to that of Pharisees,

A Lord Who advised the rich young ruler,
not to follow hundreds of laws,
but instead, said simply, "Follow Me."

When offered a thousand rams, ten thousand rivers of oil, even His followers' first born in some twisted attempt to procure His favor,
He gently redirected their well-meaning but misguided efforts with the simple dictum,

Just Do Justly,
And Love Mercy,
And Walk Humbly With Your God.

There is no song and dance necessary to secure your salvation,
No hoops to jump through
that will make Him love you more

Jesus died an agonizing death
to forever join your heart to Heaven's,

He did the hard part

So you could keep it Simple.


"My yoke is easy, My burden is light."

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  1. Oh WOW oh wow oh wow.....THANK you for this sweetly served up bowl of delicious, artisan wisdom, friend.
    It's just exactly what I needed. Thanks for being such a
    light in my life,