Tuesday, June 3, 2014


(Pollak Vineyards, Greenwood, Virginia,
taken on 2/16/14)

Three months ago, I posted Hidden, illustrated with the photograph above.  The same post follows here, along with a photograph I took today, three months later, depicting the same vineyard....

Life comes back...Life always comes back...

* * *

...hard to believe they'll bloom,
much less bear fruit again,
this landscape of a thousand crucifixes
looking lifeless
and beaten...

but within each cross
flows the blood of beginnings,
perennial promise
of return...
of resurrection...

beneath the stillness,
this suspended animation,
are stirrings...

The scene which holds for the eye only death
belies unseen Life within...
welling up,
and moving in ancient circadian concert 
with all of Creation,

as it readies itself,
 The Reveal.

"To everything there is a season, 
a time for every purpose under heaven"
-Ecclesiastes 3:1

* * *

(Pollak Vineyards, Greenwood, Virginia,
taken on 6/3/14)

Life Comes Back...Life Always Comes Back.

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