Saturday, October 20, 2012


"Come to Me, all you are are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you Rest."
-Matthew 11:28
Center down, get quiet, calm your mind, still your body
Know the Still Small Voice that brought about this Great Big World, and let that lovely paradox wash through your reason.....
and your need for reasons.......
Let the peace of His Words resonate within you, till all is peace,
till every frenetic thing in you parellels itself with this plumb line.
Let it go now......let it all go......
Feel beneath you the Everlasting Arms
Feel above you, and all around you, His embrace...
Know that you are gathered in, safe now...
Know that you are loved beyond what you can imagine,
what you will ever be able to imagine
my dear, beloved friend,
Come now to the end of your endless searching

Lay it down....lay it all down....
Come instead to the place of being Found
Come as a child

Come as you are

as the wonderful beloved treasure you are...

He is waiting

He is here

He is Rest
"Peace Be Within You"
-Psalm 122:7


  1. deep heaving sigh of relief
    after spending some time
    with this, friend.
    thanks for coaching my heart

  2. This makes me think of that old song...

    "He is here. Jesus is here. My heart tells me that Jesus, Jesus is here." Do you know it?