Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I find, once again,
 I'm sitting in front of
a blank canvas
A little daunting
A little disheartening
As I thought i would
more or less
pick up right where I left off
But someone shook the etch-a-sketch
while my back was turned
So I must begin again
to create
this time,
with the Creator
"Behold, I AM making all things New!"
-Revelations 21:5

1 comment:

  1. someone shoot the etch-a-sketch
    ....what a splendid metaphor.
    i so get that; feel it every time
    i lay down my pens or paints
    or any tool for awhile.
    little micromovements....baby steps
    ....tiny new beginnings all happening
    in and with and for you.
    (tho' they be small, they are great:))
    gobs of grace and love to you
    and your beautiful wings,