Thursday, June 28, 2012



I feel I've lost my voice of late....or perhaps it's my hearing of His that's gone......too far from Home to hear when He calls...
...I've wandered...

....longing for His Hearth, longing for that Rest.....longing to lay my head, once again, on His chest.....

Longing for the One who leaves the ninety-nine......bleating out my pleas....I may have lost my hearing, but I know He's not lost His.......


"Never will I leave you; Never will I forsake you."
-Hebrews 13:5


  1. Thank you for this *exceptional* reminder. It's beautiful.

  2. I find myself in this place more than I care too...too easy for me to wander...thankful for the dissatification that builds when I do. Thankful he never leaves.

    Thankful for you too!

    Grace and peace!

  3. you are in such good hands, friend,
    right in the palm of kind generosity himself
    who will never leave or forsake
    even for a second
    sweet dearheart of his:)
    you've been through so much change, friend.
    it's easy to feel disconnected
    during transition
    but often it's just that a new connection
    is being formed
    and the feeling of loss
    over the old one
    is part of the disorientation that comes
    as we walk with the shepherd
    into new and wobbly places.
    even our "falls" he holds tenderly
    next to his heart.
    there is no shame on you, brave girl.
    you're simply in process and it's forward
    motion even when it feels a little
    I believe your shepherd is wildly proud
    and fond of you:):):)
    SO glad to "see" you again!