Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One Bright Morning...


our primal need for sky
-- juxtaposed against
an earth-bound plodding pilgramage --
compels us to breach our body's boundaries
adjures us to find our wings
to seize those rare moments gravity gives up its rights
and in this twilight hour unfurl Faith and take Flight

These Hindsfeet of mine
now bloodied and scarred
have carried me far
over impossible passes
through depths desolate and dry

I have clung for dear life to the Hand holding me
and beheld, broken-hearted, impassable Red Seas
I've followed in Footsteps down Gethsemane roads

I've learned how to die

It's time, 


to Fly...

-e.a.a. "Hindsfeet"  3/21/12


"They that wait upon the LORD shall...mount up with wings as eagles"
-Isaiah 40:31


  1. oh yes, do!
    I read these beautiful words,
    crafted together so artfully,
    and then went back to see the photo again
    and noticed two birds soaring,
    in my mind there had been just you.
    And I deeply felt how not alone
    you very, very not alone
    in flight
    and in life,
    in your everydayness.
    And in my heart I heard the words
    to an old Bob Seger song
    "someday lady you'll accompany me
    out where the river meets the sounding sea,
    you're high above now, you're wild and free
    someday lady you'll accompany me."
    (those may not be the exact words but that's what I heard in my heart)
    ....just a sweet love song from the One who
    loves and keeps you close to His heart.
    You do accompany Him....and He, you.
    Companions. So sweet.
    I love this and the beauty unfolding in your journey.
    Love and sweet song hope,

  2. This is so beautiful,
    Liz! Love that you
    are leaving the impassable
    behind and beginning
    to S O A R ! ! !

    xo Suzanne

  3. just checking in
    to see how you be:)
    miss you and your loveliness here!
    sending love,