Friday, June 10, 2011


"See the salvation of the Lord...The Lord will fight for you...Go Forward."
-Exodus 14:13-15


Fears, like Pharoah's army
Following hard on my heels
Former bedfellows bearing down
Beseiging my Exodus
Out of darkness, into Light

Deign to release me from their ravenous reach
Bidding me bow down
and bear their burdens as before

But this Way You made
Where there was no way at all
Was carved for my crossing
Not theirs

With all my will
I refuse
The Pillar of Salt Paralysis
of Looking Back
of buying into the bluff
of caving to these captors

Slavery no longer suits me
The shackles of those shores cannot hold me
I am being fitted for Freedom
and Brand New Day
Just ahead...

...I move forward on dry ground
as behind me an army drowns.


-E.A.A. "Hindsfeet" 6/11/11


  1. this is beautiful!!
    "being fitted for freedom"

  2. "slavery no longer suits me".........You go cross that river that God has opened for you and on the other side awaits an eagle to take you to new heights you can only image..........I am praying for you to run and not walk but while you're running enjoy the peace that only the Father can give you but He gives it freely........

    Beautiful marriage of your picture and words.....

    Big hug and blessings my friend.....

  3. Oh yes oh yes oh yes!!!!
    Slavery no longer suits me, either, friend!
    Move on forward
    with your eyes fixed
    on the One who is real and enough
    ....the rest is only a shadow.
    Pulling for you with
    HUGE love and faith in your shepherd
    and His titanic love for you
    ....He has it all planned out
    and it's more wonderful
    than you can ask or imagine!
    Watch and see:)

  4. I designed a picture for the sidebar with you in mind....The background is from Israel and the deer is from the zoo......and then I worked on the colors alittle added our favorite Scripture at the bottom....all this to say I had you in mind when I designed it so come over and take a look and copy if you feel so led.....

    I hope you are having a peaceful week and feeling lots of hugs from the Father as well as me.....

  5. WOW! Well put. Expressions of the soul grant light and lift to fellow floundering sojourners...