Monday, February 7, 2011


The final fragments...
Brown leaves letting go their grip...
Life displacing death

"Life comes back...Life *Always* comes back..."



  1. Yes it does
    ...once the seed falls
    into the ground
    and dies.
    Such a lonely season.
    Feels as if death has
    swallowed the seed whole.
    But life trumps it always.
    In a gazillion creative ways
    that we can't even imagine,
    life swallows death
    and light swallows darkness
    and hope swallows despair
    and trust swallows fear.
    At the time,
    it's just all hard
    for us to swallow.
    Cheering wildly as the Springtime
    of your life draws near;
    you're gonna need a new pair
    of sunglasses:)

  2. I hadn't been checking here in a while and I'm so glad I returned to see your inspiring encouragement for today. It's lovely and so needed, physically and emotionally in the midst of this winter that seemingly goes on and on with no hope. But true enough... hope is always there. Thanks for the lovely reminder.
    Love and blessings,

  3. LOVE IT, JENNIFER!!! Where have you been all my life, Girlfriend! ; ) ...So *very* thankful that our paths crossed when they did.....your encouragements are always God's breath blowing on the coals of my life.....

    Grateful for You!

  4. Linda! What a little breath of fresh air hearing from you today...the soul-drenching sweetness of hearing from an old friend : )

    Here's to the Springtimes of our lives,