Friday, July 23, 2010


~ ~ ~

She watched the smoke signals turn from rosy gold to lavender grey as the day dipped into dusk...Harbingers sent from a heart held very dear...a heart she knew in spirit, like the ethereal wisps hovering overhead....they looked as though, at any moment, they might rain down on this desert of hers...

She gazed at these precious messengers moving slowly across the sky until they blended into shadow, until their whisper was enveloped into evening...Seven geese sailed into their wake and diminished in the distance...

The apparitions disolved into darkness and soft milky light soaked into her sky from somewhere very faraway...Resting from her vigil, she leaned her head back and closed her eyes....She didn't have to see the moon to let its light settle into her was there, out there somewhere, that was all that mattered......

~ ~ ~


  1. "soft milky light soaked into her sky from somewhere very faraway....." sigh.
    Powder soft peace settled into mine as I read this. Letting His light settle into my soul because He is there....I know He is there...and that is all that matters.

    Oh, that was like getting a massage inside myself. Thank you for sharing. As my daughter used to say when something really touched her: "those are good words" :)

  2. Peace comes and resides in the deep places after I read and reread this......stillness is hard but thanks for encouraging us to be quiet and still.....
    and gifts will come....

  3. You both have been the very balm of Gilead to me, and more than sweet to be able to soothe eachothers' souls on this our shared "pilgrimage"... thankful for the gift of you both....

  4. This is one of the most beautiful things I have read as of lately... I want to read it again and again and take it in. Yes, this is exactly how I felt when I took that moon picture and of the clouds on the relaxing evening. Need more of those... times alone with God.

    Thanks dear one!!! :)