Sunday, May 9, 2010



Roots straining deep for water
Pushing past unforgiving stone and seared soil
Seeking out the succor of hidden streams
and forgotten fjords...

Buds aching to burst into blossom
bearing seed, swollen with sweet promise
Fingers probing for precious pools
Willing these waters into its hands

Till Finally, the Treasure is tapped
Till this field is flush with fruit
Full, Heaven's harvest
hanging heavy on the vine...


-E.A.A. "Hindsfeet" 5/9/10

"He turns a wilderness into pools of water, and dry land into watersprings."
Psalm 107:35


  1. I love all the comments you leave behind. You bless me so much. I love your latest post. I wanted to to go the vineyards for Mother's Day, but it's raining. How timely your picture and words were. I guess the Lord needed to send the rains to end the drought. Please know how much I love your words of encouragement and YOU. I hope to meet you some day.


  2. Beautiful composition, H. I find myself reading between your lines and feeling some parts of my soul that are parched. I need to do a better job of plumbing those depths with His renewing resource.

    There is a grand message in your words. Thanks for your gift.


  3. Thanks, Lani....glad I could "bless you back"...your writing and photography is always so timely, so encouraging....thanks, Girl.....

  4. Birds of a feather, D.....Here's to soaking rains, voluptuous vineyards, and wines worthy of Grandmother's wine glass.....