Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Deadly Duality.....

In John Adams' quest to make this country "The Land of the Free", he was quoted as saying,

"The Middle Way is no way at all!...If we finally fail in this great and glorious contest, it will be by bewildering oursevles in groping for the Middle Way."

Apparently The God of Creation concurs: In Revelations 3:16 we read an equally harsh judgement of "The Middle Way"...

"So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth."

Our modern day sensibilities make us squirm at the severity of this dictum.  These days, it seems, the idea of absolutes, of "black and white", of right and wrong, has become a faux pas, passe, and politically incorrect. 

Even in the church we've cozied up to compromise, favoring grey areas over God's "extremes", pandering for people's praise instead of preaching for God's.  Acclimating to our culture's climate instead of holding the course of God's commands.

The world needs meat and we're handing them milktoast.  We treat the seeker with kidgloves, tip-toeing around Truth, clearing a path around the "stone of stumbling and the rock of offense"*.  We want everyone to be "comfortable".

But Christ didn't come to make us comfortable...

He came to make us Free

*1 Peter 2:8


  1. H, your posts are always a great lighthouse for me to steer towards....stuff that I should know, yet I need course corrections. Thank you. Your beam helps me cut through my fog.

  2. Hey D......funny you should use that analogy...My oldest and dearest friend and I use that analogy between us....Except he's 'usually' the lighthouse and I'm the little skiff....Funny to have that role reverse....I guess good friends take turns being eachother's lighthouses...

    thanks, D..."Let there be Light"

  3. OH SO POWERFUL!!!! Preach ON sister!

    This is SO SO true and I wish more would say it! We are SO like Israel in every single way...

    Other than the last two lines, which were obviuosly the humdingers, these stood out:

    "...pandering for people's praise instead of preaching for God's. Acclimating to our culture's climate instead of holding the course of God's commands."